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The amount you pay for your auto insurance can vary depending upon a variety of individual factors.  Certain auto insurance companies will price your policy differently, so it is imperative to compare multiple policies to find the lowest rate. At Insurance Rates, we help our consumers to compare multiple car insurance companies rates in their state all at one time, this saves you both time and money!

Your auto insurance rate will depend on your driving history, your age, your credit, your vehicle, your location and the level of coverage you are looking for. For example, if you have poor credit, or a limited history on your driving record, you may have a dramatic increase in your rates.  However, different insurance companies may price the same policy different for you, which again, is why it is important to get mulitple rate quotes.

How to Compare Auto Insurance Rates

In order to avoid spending a significant amount of time speaking with insurance agents from multiple companies, we recommend using our service to compare multiple quotes in a single place.  We have licensed agents who are available to explain your insurance options as well as quote multiple carriers on your behalf so you do not have to call and spend time speaking with multiple agents.

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to who has the lowest auto insurance rates.  Each company will have rates that vary depending upon your individual insurance factors.  While company A may be lower for teenagers but higher for bad credit, company B may have a lower rate for seniors but a higher rate for good credit.  The only way to truly know which company has the best rates for you is to compare quotes.

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We can provide you with the lowest insurance options in just 5 minutes.  Call us and speak with an agent to get multiple quotes from auto insurance companies who want to compete for your business!

How it Works

We help you to find an affordable auto insurance plan!

We start by asking you a few easy-to-answer questions to help match you with the carriers that provide coverage for you in your state. We then use our state-of-the-art technology to match you with the lowest rates in your area.  These carriers are regulated by your state and the rates that we provide you with are the same whether you purchase directly with the carrier or through our FREE service!

When you find the policy right for you and/or your family, our agents help you with the rest of the process and can get you insured IMMEDIATELY!

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